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Here is what I want to do in laymen terms first: I want to get files (and maybe some files only). If there are sub-directories, I want to get files in those sub-directories as well. I am using Visual C++/CLI to program, so I am using .net assembly.

In WinSCP, that is to use Session.SynchronizeDirectories(). The last parameter is the TransferOptions (a class) and it is usually set to null. Basically that means every files will be transferred. If I create an object and set the property string FileMask, I should be able to transfer only certain files.

So I change the WinSCP C# example program to:

using (Session session = new Session())
    // Will continuously report progress of synchronization
    session.FileTransferred += FileTransferred;

    // Connect

    // Create a TransferOptions object
    TransferOptions tro = new TransferOptions();
    tro.FileMask = "*.txt";
    tro.TransferMode = TransferMode.Automatic;

    // Synchronize files
    SynchronizationResult synchronizationResult;
    synchronizationResult =
             SynchronizationMode.Local, @"C:\temp\win", "/C/Users/peter/Documents/WinSCP5.5.1/",
             false, false, SynchronizationCriteria.Time, tro);

    // Throw on any error

When I run the program, everything in the current directory and sub-directories are transferred!

Thinking I may be wrong in the specifying those options. I use the WinSCP program. (Can refer to picture in WinSCP web site Transfer Settings Dialog page.)

All options are clear except I enter the following for the File mask: *.txt

I click OK button to begin transfer. I have the preview option on. And I see only txt files selected, even the one in the sub-directories.

So WinSCP program works, but not the API?

[Edit] I am using version 5.5.2 of WinSCP assembly.

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Please show your code –  Martin Prikryl Apr 15 '14 at 11:13
Your code looks good. Please set Session.SessionLogPath and share the log. For example using pastebin.com. –  Martin Prikryl Apr 16 '14 at 7:13
Here is the log and it is in pastebin.com/xR27KwBH –  user3454439 Apr 16 '14 at 7:58
The log does not match your code. The log uses binary transfer mode, while your code sets automatic. The log shows that orphan files are deleted, while you pass false to delete parameter in the code. There are different paths too. It's difficult to help you, if you do not share matching log and code. –  Martin Prikryl Apr 16 '14 at 9:02
I look at the log and it seems the assembly is calling the script in return. Anyway, from the log, it does not seem like there is any filtering at all! And to answer your question, for security problem, I have modified the path before posting. I will modify the original posts. –  user3454439 Apr 16 '14 at 9:03

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Finally I get it working before Easter holiday. After working with @Martin for sometime, I pass through the problem. (Note that I am not saying I have found out the solution.) :(

Anyway, I download the source code for WinSCP 5.5.2 version. I have to modify the project from dot net version 4 back to version 3.5 as I am using Visual Studio 2008. I include it in my original project. Compile it. OK. I have the original project to use that output DLL. I make sure the WinSCP EXE is also verison 5.5.2. Run it. No problem. File mask is working.

Just a side story if you are interested. After using the source code project, I remove it. I use back the 5.5.2 DLL downloaded from website. Suddenly the program needs 30s or so to execute the first statement. I then use version 5.5.1 EXE and DLL. Same delay. Switch to 5.5.3 EXE and DLL. Same 30s or so delay. Remove the DLL and use 5.5.3 .net assembly source code. Compile it. Program runs immediately.

I guess from now on I will compile my .net assembly and use it.

Thanks Martin for help.

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