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I have two listbox. those are product categories list. First listbox have all categories and another one is for saved categories by user for a product brand.

I need to move items from one listbox to another one and want to save changed item. My listboxes are lst_all & lst_in and textbox is add_text. Working pretty but when I clicked an item in any listbox then it added a String 2 times in this function

private: System::Void lst_all_SelectedIndexChanged(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
         String^ thisis;
         if (add_txt->TextLength > 1){
             add_txt->Text += L"|*:|"+lst_all->Text;
             add_txt->Text += lst_all->Text;


In this code when I click on lst_all listbox then I got the result: Harddisk|:||:|Processor|:||:|Monitor|:||:|Headphone|:||:|Keyboard/Mouse|:||:|Printer|*:|

But My expected result was: Harddisk|:|Processor|:|Monitor|:|Headphone|:|Keyboard/Mouse|:|Printer|:|

My Target is getting selected items and then splitting with |*:| for creating an array.

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