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I'm a premium developer of Spotify and I download "jLibSpotify.jar". I'm trying to init a sesion in Spotify to know what is the current track in my app. I found this class

public class Config {

    public char[] m_appKey;
    public int m_appKeySize;
    public String m_cacheLocation;
    public String m_settingsLocation;
    public String m_userAgent;


And I create my own Configuration with some values for the parameters. But when I try to do this:

Session s= new Session();

I´ve this message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Spotify.Session.NativeCreate()I
at Spotify.Session.NativeCreate(Native Method)
at Spotify.Session.Initialise(Session.java:34)
at spotify.SpotifyMain.main(SpotifyMain.java:74)

I would like to know how I must create my configuration to initiate the session

Thanks for your help

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