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I am working on Apple Maps, and need to show the route between 2 locations(lat/longs).The MKDirectionRequest,MkRoute,MkRouteStep class show "No Route Available.".

Is there any other way i can get the route direction for any 2 location not listed in Apple Maps Route provision like India.Any API that i can use to get the route details and then show them on Apple Maps ?

Any Help would be Appreciated.

Thanks Vikas

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If you have to use Apple maps, the only free alternative that I know of is to get the route data from Google and draw the route yourself. The answer by XCoder in this thread provides the full code to do that: Drawing a route in mapkit in iphone sdk

Please note, however, that this violates Google Maps Terms of Service 10.1.1. (g) "No Use of Content without a Google Map":

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If you are developer from can't find distance between two location by apple map..

apple map dont provide facility..

you can use google map for that....

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