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How can write Mifare Classic tag?

I have written this code, but writeBlock results in the error "java.io.IOException: transceive failed".

How can this be solved?

MifareClassic mfc = MifareClassic.get(mytag);
boolean auth = false;
auth = mfc.authenticateSectorWithKeyA(1,MifareClassic.KEY_DEFAULT);
if (auth) {
    String text = "Hello, World!";
    byte[] value  = text.getBytes();
    byte[] toWrite = new byte[MifareClassic.BLOCK_SIZE];        

    for (int i=0; i<MifareClassic.BLOCK_SIZE; i++) {
        if (i < value.length) toWrite[i] = value[i];
        else toWrite[i] = 0;

    mfc.writeBlock(2, toWrite);
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Which line gets that exception? –  Rob Apr 15 at 9:11
the line of writeBlock(2,toWrite) –  Luca Apr 15 at 11:06
Are you sure you are using the correct key? The first sector doesn't usually use the default key. Maybe try the second sector (block 4 for example). –  Rob Apr 15 at 11:47
I have change in mfc.writeBlock(4,toWrite) but the error still appears –  Luca Apr 15 at 12:16
Did you change the authenticate too? –  Rob Apr 15 at 13:44
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First of all, you are authenticating to the wrong sector. Here, you authenticate to sector 1 with key A:

auth = mfc.authenticateSectorWithKeyA(1, MifareClassic.KEY_DEFAULT);

As you get past the if (auth), I assume that authentication with KEY_DEFAULTas key A for sector 1 is successful.

But then, you are trying to write to block 2, which is in sector 0:

mfc.writeBlock(2, toWrite);

As you are authenticated to sector 1, writing to sector 0 will fail. You can only write to blocks in the sector that you last authenticated to. For sector 1, this would be blocks 4 to 7. Note that you run into the same problem if you authenticate to sector 2 and try to write block 4 (which is in sector 1).

If I read the comments below your post correctly, you also tried to authenticate to sector 1 and access block 4 resulting in the same error. If that was the case, the access conditions of sector 1 prohibit write operations for key A.

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thank you, now I have modify auth = mfc.authenticateSectorWithKeyA(2,MifareClassic.KEY_DEFAULT); and mfc.writeBlock(8, toWrite); the dialog that I have written the tag appear. But if I read the tag, this is empty. The phone that I use is "Samsung Mini 2" –  Luca Apr 16 at 13:54
@Luca What is empty when you read the tag? How do you read? –  Michael Roland Apr 16 at 14:30
The tag is not written. after mfc.writeBlock(8, toWrite); I have insert an "Alert dialog" that appear. But the tag is not write. Is still empty –  Luca Apr 17 at 7:10
@Luca you already wrote that. This inofmration is not helpful. Please describe (step-by-step) how you verify that there is not data on the tag. –  Michael Roland Apr 17 at 19:00
I'm sorry. I have download NFC Tag Info, and verify the data of card, and it is empty. Also tap to my smartphone, the text not appear –  Luca Apr 18 at 7:30
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