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The project I am working on makes use of socket.io for some of the components of the UI. I am trying to write unit tests for this particular section of the application. I am using: angular-socket-io and angular-socket.io-mock to mock the server side component.

I am using everything at the simplest level, so I have my factory:

    .factory('notify', function (socketFactory) {
      return socketFactory();

This is the controller

      .controller('NotificationsCtrl', function ($scope, notify) {
        $scope.items = []
          $scope.items = res.res

and finally the unit test:

  describe('Controller: NotificationsCtrl', function () {

    // load the controller's module

    var NotificationsCtrl,

    // Initialize the controller and a mock scope
    beforeEach(inject(function ($controller, $rootScope) {
      scope = $rootScope.$new();
      NotificationsCtrl = $controller('NotificationsCtrl', {
        $scope: scope

    it('The scope.items should change somehow', function() {


I cannot realize what is missing to make this working. How should I change my code to make it happen?


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