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I am trying to write the struct employee to file, but it will only write the most recent entered one, no matter how many times I enter the case statement.

    case '1':


        printf("\nA is: %d\n",a);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's ID: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees ID number:     %s\r\n",employee[a].ID);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's first name: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees first name:    %s\r\n",employee[a].firstname);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's Surname: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees surname:       %s\r\n",employee[a].surname);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's Home address: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees address is:    %s\r\n",employee[a].address);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's department number: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees department is: %s\r\n",employee[a].department);

        printf("\nPlease enter the employee's duration: ");
        fprintf(fptr,"Employees duration is:   %s\r\n",employee[a].duration);



        goto CASE; 
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Open the file in append mode not in write mode.


this statement opens the file program.bin in binary write mode. This mode means everytime the file is opened, the initial contents of file will be truncated.

You should use:

fptr=fopen("program.bin","ab"); to open file in append mode.

For more details visit this link

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I think the C standard offers a better explanation than that link, since it has a complete list of all combinations of the fopen parameter. –  Lundin Apr 15 '14 at 9:57
I thought that would be easy to read and understand for a start. –  Don't You Worry Child Apr 15 '14 at 10:15

You're overwriting the content of the file every time because you're using mode w to write the file, which re-writes the file from the beginning. If you simply want to append your data to the end of the file, you should use mode a like this:

//                        ^ Using 'append' mode, rather than 'write' mode.
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