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I have to modify an ios app and the problem is that status bar(the bar with wifi icon and time things on top) is so big like three times larger than ordinary statusbar.

I'm doing nothing with statusbar in code . ...How can i fix this?

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Are you sure its the status bar and not a navigation bar with no title, same color? Add a screenshot –  Amar Apr 15 at 9:59
are you running app in iOS7..? –  Mayank Jain Apr 15 at 10:01
Please share the screenshot and some code. –  Rashad Apr 15 at 10:03
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Very simple: you have insert UIViewController in UINavigationController so, what you see is:

20 px StatusBar
44 px UINavigationBar

In iOS 7 they have the exactly same color.

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thanks man it worked! –  user3535331 Apr 15 at 10:14
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