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When I change Time zone from device settings, I want the dates in my application to reflect the current timezone. However, as soon as I change the Time zone and launch my app from recent apps, TimeZoneInfo.Local still represents the previous Time zone. It's only when I relaunch my app that the new Time zone gets reflected.

I read it in may threads that .NET caches Time zone information and we need to call the following methods to clear it: - CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.ClearCachedData(); - TimeZoneInfo.ClearCachedData();

However, these methods are not defined for Windows Phone 8 SDK. Can someone please help me in case I am missing anything.


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did you find an answer to this? also, even after a restart, the change in region is not reflected in RegionInfo.CurrentRegion... any ideas? – Joris Weimar Aug 30 '15 at 19:27

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