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So when I type < in IntelliJ I will get:


suggestions. Then when I click on SPACE I will get "name" suggestion and my cursor will move in between the double quotes:

<table name=""

Now my cursor is in between the quotes. I will type the table name..

<table name="someTable"

Now the cursor is next to e and before ".

How can I add a shortcut that will make this automatically:

<table name="someTable" />

and move the cursor to end of the line?

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IntelliJ can do this automatically for you, if you go to:

File | Settings | IDE Settings | Editor - Smart Keys

And ensure Automatically insert closing tag is checked.

This will insert a closing tag as soon as you type an opening tag.

You can also press ctrl + space for xml completion as well.

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Already checked, but it does not work for me. –  Koray Tugay Apr 15 '14 at 11:21

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