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So far, I have got the following:

$.getJSON('getinfo.php', { id:id }, parseInfo);

function parseInfo(data) {
   $('div#info').fadeOut("fast", function() {

I am able to print the results (data.desc) inside the div#info html tag, but before I do so, I want to format data.desc with my php function. So, basically I want to do something like this,

function parseInfo(data) {
   $('div#info').fadeOut("fast", function() {
         $formated = some_php_function(data.desc);
      $('div#info').html(<?php echo $formated ?>);
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Wwhy don't you let the original script that returned the value getinfo.php - do that for you? – Abs Feb 22 '10 at 1:06
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You won't be able to call a PHP function in the middle of a Javascript function. You'll have to format this value before you send it through as a JSON value, or you'll have to duplicate your PHP function in Javascript and use it client-side.

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Formatting the getinfo.php worked. Thanks for your help. – DGT Feb 22 '10 at 4:06

Like I say, why not do that formatting function within getinfo.php?

Another option would be to write a JavaScript function instead of a PHP one to format your variable. What sort of formatting do you need to do on it?

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Thank you, Abs. I'll try out your first suggestion and format it within the getinfo.php. What the php function basically does is, searches the data.desc for something like the following <span> tags: <span id="name.123" class="cite">some note</span> and then converts them into: <a class="link" href="mypage.com/page.php?ln=xxx#name">some note</a>, basically removing the 'name' in the <span id="name.123"...> and appending it to URL and then substituting the latter for the entire <span> tag. So, when the html(data.desc) is loaded, all the <span>...</span> shows up as a hyperlinks. – DGT Feb 22 '10 at 2:14

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