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how can I convert the below code in ternary way?

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Why would you want to do that? –  A. Wolff Apr 15 at 12:01
to get in one line rather than using 4 line –  Padyster Apr 15 at 12:03
Well, but what about readability? 1 line doesn't mean it will be better. In your case, it will be just worst –  A. Wolff Apr 15 at 12:05
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This would work:

var c = epaper.othermakemodel.is(':checked');
$("#dcolor")["insert" + (c ? "After" : "Before")](c ? "#lmodel" : "#otherlabeldiv");

Or even a one-liner:

$("#dcolor")["insert" + (epaper.othermakemodel.is(':checked') ? "After" : "Before")](epaper.othermakemodel.is(':checked') ? "#lmodel" : "#otherlabeldiv");

However, that's just using the ternary operator for the sake of using the operator.

Keep your code short, but more importantly, keep your code readable:

var element = $("#dcolor");

This will save everyone involved a headache if you have to maintain your code a year from now.

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+1 for readability –  NicoSantangelo Apr 15 at 12:05
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You can do this transformation when you only have one expression per line

condition ?     // if (condition)
    expr_true   //     expr_true;
:               // else
    expr_false; //     expr_false;

So yours would become

epaper.othermakemodel.is(':checked') ?

It's not really helpful in your case, though.

Remember, the majority of whitespace has no meaning in JavaScript, so you could even write this on one line with if..else.

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