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I have an orbeon form and when someone has fill out the form, I want it to create a pdf and sent it to my webservice.

Right now, when the form is fill out and you press sent, the document id, app name and form name are sent to the webservice.

Can anyone help me with a guide or an example ?

The webservice is in grails (JAVA).

Best regard Martin

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You have to customize a process for your send/save button. Have a look a this: https://github.com/orbeon/orbeon-forms/wiki/Form-Runner:-Buttons-and-Processes

Scroll to 'Customizing processes'. You can find here an example of the process for the send button:

         then pdf
         then email
         then send("http://example.org/")
         then navigate("/success")
         recover navigate("/failure")'/>

The 'pdf' action should generate a pdf document. To get an url of the document you can customize the 'send' action: go to 'Core Form Runner actions' at https://github.com/orbeon/orbeon-forms/wiki/Form-Runner:-Buttons-and-Processes and find 'send'. In the 'content' property you can specify 'pdf-url' to get the pdf url. The 'uri' property should point to your webservice. Once your web service receives a pdf url, you can issue a request using the url to download document.

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You shouldn't need the pdf action anymore and the PDF is created automatically if you have pdf-url specified. –  ebruchez Apr 21 '14 at 21:47

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