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I installed some 3rd party apps from Google Play. For some research purpose, I need to profile those apps.

For example, profile the time when some callback functions, like "onCreat()" "onStartCommand()" "onStopped()", start and finish.

Any clue?

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If you can run the whole thing under a debugger, it doesn't matter if the 3rd-party code has debug information, as long as if you hit Ctrl-C or Pause, and if it's in one of your callbacks, it shows that callback on the stack.

The stack trace should look something like this when it is in your callback:

<some system/library routines called by your callback>
<the 3rd-party routines>

So if you take 10 or 20 such samples, the fraction of time that YourCallbackCode appears on the stack is a good estimate of what fraction of time it is responsible for. (Unless it's very small, in which case your code is not the bottleneck.)

For example, if it's on 50% of stack samples, it's responsible for 50% of time (approximately). So if you could cut its time in half (say by doing fewer news), you would save half of that 50%, or 25% overall, for a speedup of 100/75 = 1.33 = 33%

You can even see what lines in your callback code are costing the bulk of the time.

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Choose apps that are open source, compile them from source in debug mode, then profile the results.

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