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I have a main database and an attached database. There is a table in the attached database that I would like to .import a CSV file into.

Putting the ATTACH DATABASE statement into an SQL file along with the .import command won't work because .import isn't an SQL statement, but is interpreted by the command line tool.

The database is attached:

/usr/bin/sqlite3 -cmd "ATTACH DATABASE 'species.sqlite' AS 'species_database'" /tmp/test.sqlite ".databases"                                                     
seq  name             file                                                      
---  ---------------  ----------------------------------------------------------
0    main             /tmp/test.sqlite                                          
2    species_databas  species.sqlite

And the table I want to import into is there: species_database.o_temp_9:

/usr/bin/sqlite3 -cmd "ATTACH DATABASE 'species.sqlite' AS 'species_database'" /tmp/test.sqlite ".tables"   
species_database.o_blast_9      species_database.o_hmmsearch_9
species_database.o_ests_9       species_database.o_temp_9

So I tried this:

/usr/bin/sqlite3 -cmd "ATTACH DATABASE 'species.sqlite' AS 'species_database'" /tmp/test.sqlite ".import /tmp/test.csv 'species_database.o_temp_9'"
Error: no such table: species_database.o_temp_9

The attaching seems to have worked. But when I try to .import my CSV file, it claims that the table doesn't exist. Why does it do that and how can I import my data into the attached database?

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