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I have a domain "mysite.local" and multiple sub domains like "fr.mysite.local, uk.mysite.local"

For example I'm on fr.mysite.local and create a cookie in JS:

document.cookie = 'redirect=TRUE;path=/;domain=.mysite.local';

Then I try to read the cookie in PHP (same subdomain) with this code:


It return:

string(59) "PHPSESSID=121j542riebcbqvgaeatm48nc0; redirect=TRUE" string(4) "TRUE"

Then if I try to read the cookie from uk.mysite.local the cookie isn't in the $_COOKIE array

string(59) "PHPSESSID=121j542riebcbqvgaeatm48nc0; country_redirect=TRUE" NULL

There is a solution for that ? I want to access to cookies easily and unset them.

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Try to set the domain path attribute when creating the javascript cookie:

document.cookie = 'redirect=TRUE;path=/;domain=.mysite.local;path=/';

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You didn't see I already set domain path ? There is two times path in your example ;) –  Lory Huz Apr 15 at 13:55
document.cookie = 'redirect=TRUE;path=/;domain=.mysite.';

mache cookie datei so das .mysite. hat zweit punkte

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That isn't going to work: mysite. is a completely different domain than mysite.local. BTW: welcome to StackOverflow; enjoy and please use English. –  Piskvor Apr 15 at 13:56
Don't worry about your level of English, nobody's perfect :) –  Piskvor Apr 15 at 14:20

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