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Under Pages menu in Wordpress Admin page, I got this layout:


  • Edit (url: edit-pages.php)
  • Add New (url: page-new.php)
  • Special Pages (url: edit-pages.php?special-pages=true)

as you can see, I've added a new submenu item called Special Pages which is pretty much a link to to Edit page with custom filter. Because Wordpress use file name to identify and highlight the submenu item, so whenever I click on Special Pages, the Edit submenu item is selected. Is there anyway to force Wordpress to select Special Pages menu item instead?


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To further clarify Ken Vu's answer, edit the global variables $submenu_file and $parent_file. E.g., to highlight your page:

global $submenu_file;
$submenu_file = "edit-pages.php?special-pages=true";

If you need to change the top-level item highlighted, use $parent_file. E.g., highlight the "Writing" setting page:

global $parent_file;
global $submenu_file;
$parent_file = 'options-general.php';
$submenu_file = 'options-writing.php';
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Can you tell me where to place these codes ideally? I could not get them working. –  Musa May 5 '14 at 7:20
I tried to implement this within the callaback function of the add_meta_boxes(), but it is not highlighting my top level admin menu. I may add that I do not have any submenu, only a top level admin menu. –  Alexandre Bourlier Aug 18 '14 at 14:20
Got it to work properly. I'll write another answer so other people can find it more easily. –  Alexandre Bourlier Aug 18 '14 at 14:39
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Solution: use $submenu_file variable

$submenu_file = "edit-pages.php?special-pages=true"

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can u post please an example on how to use it? I cannot get it working –  bluantinoo Oct 6 '11 at 16:41

Thanks Ken Vu and Jonathan Brinley. Using your answers, I finally got the highlighting of my admin menu to work properly. As I struggled a bit to get it to work, I though I would post the entire result here, so other people can find it more easily :

The idea is to call the parent_file filter (undocumented, as many Wordpress parts unfornatunately). In my case, I was adding a custom menu instead of the default generated when creating a custom post type.

In my custom post code, I call the add_meta_boxes action. Within this hook, I issue my call to the parent_file filter :

add_filter('parent_file',     array(&$this, 'highlight_admin_menu'));


Then this is how my hightlight_admin_menu function looks like :

function highlight_admin_menu($some_slug){

  global $parent_file;

  $parent_file = 'post.php?post=149&action=edit';

  return $parent_file;


This got my menu to highlight properly. Try playing around with you own code to know where to issue the add_filter('parent_file', ...) code. Find a bit of code executed only on that particular page load, but soon enough that it is still possible to modify the $parent_file variable.

I hope this helps!

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better solution:

add_filter('parent_file', 'my_plugin_select_submenu');
function my_plugin_select_submenu($file) {
        global $plugin_page;
        if ('__my-current-submenu-slug__' == $plugin_page) {
            $plugin_page = '__my-submenu-slug-to-select__';
        return $file;
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