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It is not possible to display Google Charts on Android 2.x. The following error message is shown:

Cannot set property 'overflow' of null

Is there any way to show custom div (text) instead of this text?

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Most (if not all) charts will throw "error" events, which you can capture with an event handler:

google.visualization.events.addListener(chart, 'error', function (e) {
    document.querySelector('#error_div').innerHTML = 'Error: ' + e.message;
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Thanks! But it will capture and replace any error message. I would like to capture that particular cannot set property error and replace its text with something like android 2.x is not supported. Can I capture that particular error? Should I match by e.message text? –  LA_ Apr 15 at 15:42
You don't have to output e.message - that was just an example. You can output whatever you want. –  asgallant Apr 15 at 16:03

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