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Is is possable to create and delete queues using the amqdnet wrapper, or some other API from c# code?

I'ld like to be able to create some queues as part of an automated test suite if required.


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I ended up imlementing this by starting a new process and running MQSC with si and so rederection, not as clean as I would have liked but it works.

Originaly I used the MO74 SupportPac that adds powershell access to MQ, This worked realy well and looked nice in code. However our target machines don't have powershell installed and I was unable to get it added as a pre-req for a minor feature.

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I'm assuming that they're not available in the API within the amqmdnet.dll assembly. In which case you may have PINVOKE to the C api.

If it is then this example should get to close to the solution.

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It's not included in the .net API, It is included in the MQ Powershell extentions. So I might investigate that. – squig Feb 28 '10 at 8:33

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