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Let’s say source MS Access database has a table called MyTable1. And let’s say MyTable1 has a composite primary key (Combination of two separate field Phone and City). Now when I copy using the following code, it does not make City as part of composite key in target table. How do fix

            ADOX.Table sourceTable = default(ADOX.Table);
            sourceTable = sourceCat.Tables[tableName.Trim()];

            ADOX.Table newTable = new ADOX.Table();
            newTable.ParentCatalog = targetCat;

            tempNewtableName = sourceCat.Tables[tableName.Trim()].Name;
            newTable.Name = tempNewtableName;

            ADOX.Column newCol = default(ADOX.Column);
            DataTable primaryKeyDT = new DataTable();

            foreach (ADOX.Index idx1 in sourceCat.Tables[tableName].Indexes)
                if (idx1.PrimaryKey == true)
                    primaryKeyDT.Rows.Add(idx1.Columns[0].Name, idx1.Name);

            foreach (ADOX.Column SourceCol in sourceTable.Columns)
                newCol = new ADOX.Column();

                newCol.Type = SourceCol.Type;
                newCol.DefinedSize = SourceCol.DefinedSize;
                newCol.ParentCatalog = targetCat;
                newCol.Precision = SourceCol.Precision;

                newCol.DefinedSize = SourceCol.DefinedSize;
                newCol.Attributes = SourceCol.Attributes;
                newCol.Name = SourceCol.Name;

                newCol.NumericScale = SourceCol.NumericScale;


                DataRow[] results = primaryKeyDT.Select("FieldName ='" + SourceCol.Name + "'");
                if (results.Length > 0)
                    idx = new Index();
                    idx.Name = "idx_" + SourceCol.Name;
                    idx.PrimaryKey = true;



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You should iterate through results[] and add each field into idx.Columns collection

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