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Well, I have a large collection of tweets. I would compute the polarity of each tweet and then update the document in the collection adding this polarity score. Hence,

1. Get all tweets Id which have no field 'polarity'

2. Compute polarity in python

3. Update each tweet with the new field (polarity)

I am working with pymongo to link with my collection and I would avoid the loop (time consuming) to update tweet. Hence, I would explore the solution update several tweet in the same time. I have read some documentation I have found out two ways:

First, the query:


but I can't make computation in this query, I need to compute polarity outside this query and then this query seems not useful. Another way, is the bulk query. Pymongo include this query but I don't reach to deal with the KeyID duplication issues..

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elaborate your question with collection sample and what you have done till now ? –  Sumeet Apr 15 at 15:40
Thanks for your advice –  user3536607 Apr 16 at 16:10

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