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I am in the process of developing iPad app which most of the views are form type (displaying editable data) and the relevant data are initially fetch using API call. The data are stored into the sqlite using Core Data. For some field I am getting only the IDs and I have to match these IDs with another entity (called 'Param') to get the relevant string value (separate API call to fetch the Param data). There are around 20 fields which has Param id and these param values are categorised base on the relevant field type (entityType in Param).

I hope this image will give you a clear idea what I am want to do. enter image description here

I know this the approach we use on the website. But do you think this is the best way of doing on iOS if we consider the performance of the app?

Is there any other better method for these kind of task for iOS ? Also I suppose there is no foreign key concept for attribute on Core Data to easily manipulate these type of task.


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