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I have an HTML modal form that is appears when an event in fullCalendar is clicked. The form updates the details of the event.

But when I click on another event, to update that, that one and the previous one are updated. I can see within the Firebug console that multiple posts are being made, so assume that the JS is running through a loop for every event that I've updated/touched so far. I can't spot where I'm going wrong, or if I have the bindings correct.

eventClick: function(event, delta) {

                    $('#fcUpdateEvent').modal('show'); //show modal form to update event

                    $("#fcUpdateEventButton").click(function() { //id of the 'Save Event' button

                        var eventID= event.id;
                        var eventTitle= $("#fcUpdateEventTitle").val(); /title to be updated

                                url: '/myphpfile.php',
                                type: 'POST',
                                data: "action=updateEvent&eventID=" + escape(eventID) + "&eventTitle=" + eventTitle,
                                success: function(result) {


                                error: function(result) {
                            }); //ajax
                    }); //button click
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