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I am retrieving a Google Earth .kml (xml) file and using the content to place markers in Google Maps. The particular XML tags I am interested in look like:

       <img src="">
       - <a href="">
         SST/DHW time series</a>.
       - E-mail to subscribe free<br>automatic e-mail bleaching alert for this site.

The following code extracts the name and lat & long, however I don't know how to extract the CDATA from the description tag using jQuery. I would like to be able to extract the actual html so I can then use it in an infowindow for the Google Maps marker.

jQuery.get("CRWGE_current_products.kml", {}, function(data) {
  // for each placemark tag, extract the name & latlong
  // and then plot
  jQuery(data).find("placemark").each(function() {
    var station = jQuery(this);
    var name = station.find('name').text();
    var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(parseFloat(station.find('latitude').text()),

    // get html for station-specific data
    var content = station.find('description').text();
    console.log(content); <--- empty string

    setMarker(map, latlng, name, stressIcon, content)
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Retrieve it as xml and you should be able to call text properly:

jQuery.get("CRWGE_current_products.kml", {}, function(data) { }, 'xml');

I've done this with xml feeds from, but I haven't tried it with .kml.

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Thanks! I was stumped for a while by a Firebug 1.4 bug that eliminated all console output when I added the xml parameter (weird!). I switched to Safari, saw the code was OK, then upgraded to 1.5 and now all works...and yes indeed, I can now retrieve the html text. – timbo Feb 22 '10 at 22:32

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