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I'm using LibTiff.NET to read a multipage Tiff file. It's no problem to convert my Tiff into a System.Drawing.Bitmap, since it's shown on their website, but what I want is a BitmapSource or something comparable to use in WPF. Of course, I can convert the already converted System.Drawing.Bitmap, but since the amount of data is quite big, I am looking for a method to convert directly from the Tiff object.

Any suggestions? Maybe with the ReadRGBAImage method, that returns an int array with the colors?


I tried the following but only get an image consisting of gray stripes:

int[] raster = new int[height * width];
                        im.ReadRGBAImage(width, height, raster);
                        byte[] bytes = new byte[raster.Length * sizeof(int)];
                        Buffer.BlockCopy(raster, 0, bytes, 0, bytes.Length);

                        int stride = raster.Length / height;
                        image.Source = BitmapSource.Create(
                     width, height, dpiX/*ex 96*/, dpiY/*ex 96*/,
                     PixelFormats.Indexed1, BitmapPalettes.BlackAndWhite, bytes, /*32/*bytes/pixel * width*/ stride);


Maybe this helps, this is for conversion to System.Drawing.Bitmap: http://bitmiracle.com/libtiff/help/convert-black-and-white-tiff-to-a-system.drawing.bitmap.aspx

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Ok I've downloaded the lib. The full solution is:

byte[] bytes = new byte[imageSize * sizeof(int)];
int bytesInRow = width * sizeof(int);
//Invert bottom and top
for (int row = 0; row < height; row++)
    Buffer.BlockCopy(raster, row * bytesInRow, bytes, (height - row -1) * bytesInRow, bytesInRow);

//Invert R and B bytes
byte tmp;
for (int i = 0; i < bytes.Length; i += 4)
    tmp = bytes[i];
    bytes[i] = bytes[i + 2];
    bytes[i + 2] = tmp;

int stride = width * 4;
Image = BitmapSource.Create(
        width, height, 96, 96,
        PixelFormats.Pbgra32, null, bytes, stride);

The solution is a bit more complex. In fact WPF don't support rgba32 format. So to display the image correctly R and B bytes should be swapped. Another tric is that tif image is loaded upside down. This needs some additional manipulation.

Hope this helps.

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I only get an int array... –  Kevin Suppan Apr 15 '14 at 17:56
you can convert int array to bytes and then use BitmapSource. byte[] result = new byte[intArray.Length * sizeof(int)]; Buffer.BlockCopy(intArray, 0, result, 0, result.Length); –  Didier Apr 15 '14 at 17:59
After a bit of experimenting, I get a corrupted image. Just a few gray stripes. –  Kevin Suppan Apr 15 '14 at 19:01
Test using different PixelFormats. It should be something like Rgba32. –  Didier Apr 15 '14 at 19:02
It's a black/white picture... Should be 2 colors only I guess. In System.Drawing it's System.Drawing.Imaging.PixelFormat.Format1bppIndexed (which displays correctly) –  Kevin Suppan Apr 15 '14 at 19:02

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