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In my Xcode project, I've created a symbolic link script in the target that allows me to edit my scripts and see the updates live. Unfortunately, a side-effect of this is that if I don't clean before building again, I get the following error message:

ln: /Users/atg/Desktop/Projects/Xcode Projects/Debug/ Directory not empty

for the following line in my script:


I know that this is the correct line because it works when I build after cleaning, but doesn't work if I build without cleaning.

What I would like to do, therefore, is to figure out how to allow builds without cleaning. I think the easiest way to do this would be to force a clean before I build, but if anybody knows any other way of removing the error, that would be great as well.


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After a little sleuthing over twitter, we came up with the following solution:

then ln -F -s -f "$PWD/../Resources/" "$BUILD_ROOT/Debug/$UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH";

That way, if the directory exists, it doesn't bother with the linking, since it's already established.

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