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Dart Team uses the "EfficientLength" interface because it are efficient.

But why they not make this interface as a public interface?

abstract class List<E> implements Iterable<E>, EfficientLength
 * Marker interface for [Iterable] subclasses that have an efficient
 * [length] implementation.
abstract class EfficientLength {
   * Returns the number of elements in the iterable.
   * This is an efficient operation that doesn't require iterating through
   * the elements.
  int get length;
  • Why this interface located in the "dart._internal"?
  • What are a reasonable explanation of such decision (hide it from the ordinary programmers even if it are safe and efficient)?
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Why would they not hide it? After all... it is an implementation detail which is not a part of the spec. –  ronag Apr 22 '14 at 12:08

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