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I have problem with jquery that doesn't seemed make works...

Please see sample code at first jsfiddle

What it does do is that jquery create automatic checkbox with header name of each columns, and all checked ON... when I un-check any of checkbox and click button it will hide all of columns using toggle slideup.

Please see other sameple at

second jsfiddle

As you can see when un-check any checkbox it will toggle slideup or hide each column base on un-check.

My question is that how can i solve code from first jsfiddle

To use Toggle slideup to hide or slidedown to show base on checkbox and not need "done" button. I'm having trouble on line 27 to 30 where it said:


if i change to like this...


Is works fine, but what i want is under toggle slideup to hide and slidedown to show not just hide or show.

and having trouble that remove "done button" that does not need it. how can i solve that!

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You cannot really animating TABLE like this and you shouldn't, due to its and children display properties. As good read: stackoverflow.com/questions/467336/… EDIT: well, you can use fadeIn()/fadeOut() or show(x)/hide(x), if it fits your needs –  A. Wolff Apr 15 '14 at 17:12
i read that i understand that, I tried fadein or fadeout i'm still having trouble with that! –  user3527211 Apr 15 '14 at 17:57

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