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Is there a way to setup Outlook 2010 to run a script or some other form of sanity-check when you attempt to SEND messages from the client? My specific situation is that I use the same outlook client for multiple accounts (work, gmail, VPS server, etc) and I've found myself a couple of times sending emails "from" the wrong account.

In a perfect world I'd want to be able to write a script with logic something like the following:

when (I hit send)
  if (the "source" account is "myuserid@gmail.com")  then 
    if (there are addresses in TO or CC that match "work.com")  then
      pop up a dialog box that says:
         "You appear to be sending email to work.com from gmail.com - do you really want to do this?"
            if yes, then send it and return
            if no, go back to the message compose window

that way, I'd have to actually very intentionally use a non-work email address to send email to the work people (which is rare in my particular case)

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Try SendUsingAccount to read the "source" account in ItemSend.

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