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In this question the accepted answer "very shortly" suggests the next:

The SSO module was loaded to Apache webserver which acts as a middle layer between User and tomcat application server.

without giving any exact solution. I didn't found (yet) any oAuth2 client module (mod_auth_oauth2) for apache.

The question is: Is possible implement oAuth2 client for apache, using mod_perl2 and CPAN module Net::OAuth2? Is the module compatible with mod_perl2 or it is pointless to try because will run into problems?

Background: having several internal web applications what doesn't handles authentication in any way. Now want "publish" them using apache2.4 configured as a reverse proxy, and therefore need manage authentication directly on the apache level. It is easy to achieve with e.g. mod_auth_form, but looking for oAuth2 solution what allows login using google,facebook and like oAuth2 Idp.

And because here isn't yet (at least I didn't found) any mod_auth_oauth2 module for apache2, looking for solution how to implement it easily - e.g. with mod_perl2. Or exists here any reverse proxy what already has implemented oAuth2?

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