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Is there any way to open video stream from tv tuner connected by usb? It is simple DVB-T tuner.

I tried with VideoCapture but it didn't work (it works for me only with webcam).

Ofc i know there many applications to open stream from tv tuner like VLC etc. but the thing is i need it for my application processing tv image with OpenCV (written in C++). In other words, i need in my application frames grabbed directly from the device.

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had the same problem, VideoCapture would only read the stream on a linux box, but not from xp. ended up abusing libvlc to build a 'mock' VideoCapture –  berak Apr 15 '14 at 18:16

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You might check out http://www.mythtv.org MythTV is an open source DVR with a lot of public contributors. You may be able to check out how they accomplished your goals in their program. Best of luck!

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