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I have a logit model with a dummy variable and I'd like to plot the predicted variables at renting=0 and renting=1. I get an error message after creating the cex2 object that says:

Error in model.frame.default(Terms, newdata, na.action = na.action, xlev =          object$xlevels) : variable lengths differ (found for 'clt2')
In addition: Warning message:
'newdata' had 100 rows but variables found have 4139 rows 

Any ideas would be appreciated.

model1<-glm(adaycare~fincbtax+I(fincbtax^2)+clt2+clt6+got6+bot6+renting,    family="binomial")


#predicted values

newcex <-with(cex,data.frame(fincbtax=mean(fincbtax),clt2=mean(clt2),clt6=mean(clt6),got6=mean(got6),bot6=mean(bot6),renting=(1:0)))



cex3 <- within(cex2, {
  PredictedProb <- plogis(fit)
  LL <- plogis(model1 - (1.96 * se.fit))
  UL <- plogis(fit + (1.96 * se.fit))
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Exactly which step causes the error? My bet is that the error is from trying to use cex2 in predict. The data.frame cex2 should have all the explanatory variables in it if you want to use it in predict. If you want to set some values to their mean, you can do so much like you did with newcex and R will recycle them to the appropriate length. –  aosmith Apr 15 at 19:02
Thanks for your response aosmith. The error occurs at the line cex2<-... I am trying to assign certain values to the income valuable fincbtax ranging from 10000-500000 at both renting values of 0 and 1. –  user3339295 Apr 15 at 19:09
Try just assinging cex2 to data.frame(fincbtax=rep(seq(from=10000,to=500000,length.out=50),2),renting=(rep‌​(0:1,each=50))), then (but my first comment about needing all the explanatory variables in cex2 still holds, though). –  aosmith Apr 15 at 20:56

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