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I have some markup I would like to cover with a simple wrapper. In this case, the idea is to wrap two <input> elements within some markup, so that this markup:

<div class="group-class">
  <div class="first-class">
    <input id="first">
  <div class="second-class">
    <input id="second">

would be marked up like this instead:

  <input id="first">
  <input id="second">

I initially thought of a component, but that would create a shadowDOM, and thus would not behave the same way as if <my-wrapper> didn't exist. <my-wrapper> tag should replace itself with the content of the first example, so that the DOM rendered is the same. I believe I saw some replace option for an angular-directive, but I am very unsure how to do this.

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Check this question and answer by Günter: (stackoverflow.com/questions/21156950/…) He wants to do something similar but repeats the provided content instead. Maybe you get an idea? –  Ozan Apr 18 '14 at 2:47
Thanks. I already checked it out, but is quite complicated. I don't currently understand well enough how <content> works, and that is why I am unsure if I can at all base this solution on using a component. I need to understand Angular better, but I think Günther's solution could be used. –  tusj Apr 18 '14 at 10:38

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