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I'm making a .dll for an .exe program and embedding python in it. For it to work I need to include the .py programs and the Dll and Lib folders in the .exe folder like it says in here. It works fine on my computer but i want to use the .dll in other computers.

So what I want is to erase everything that isn't necessary from the Lib and Dlls folders (right now the two folders have 210Mb)

I already looked into ModuleFinder(like it says here) and managed to erase some modules. But that's not what I want. ModuleFinder tells me the unused modules but how do I clean them and all the other unneeded files from Lib and Dll when there are thousands of files there?

Anyone knows any good way of doing this?

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"Dependency Walker" is a tool which can show you which DLLs are needed. That includes both a static mode (which are needed just to load the EXE?) and a dynamic mode (which are needed at runtime?)

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