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I tried Xceed datagrid for WPF and liked it, but the problem is that this vendor doesn't have similar control for Silverlight. It seems for me that it's not very convenient to buy it from some another company and have components from different vendors for such close thechnologies as WPF and Silverlight.

Could you share your thoughts and experience on this? What whould you recommend?

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Not sure exactly what components you are looking for(Data Grid is only stated) but I always start with Free, as in

WPF Toolkit and Silverlight Toolkit

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Syncfusion could be your choice.

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Check Telerik. They got a lot of neat stuff for WPF and silverlight.

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componentone has sells bundles of controls with their "Studio Enterprise" for WPF & Silverlight

Infragistics also spans multiple platforms

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You should definitely evaluate DevExpress. Their WPF and SL controls have the same foundation = same functionalities, same APIs. Their grid is available for Winforms, ASPx, MVC, WPF and SL. Their control set is one of the best there is.


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Syncfusion would be a bad choice, but WPF Toolkit (free), Telerik and DevExpress (commercial) are great.

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