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I'm using sessions and cookies to authenticate the users. I would like to check for users having a cookie and if so i will set the sessions variables. So basicly what i do is :

  1. Check if sessions variables exist
  2. If not, check if user has cookie
  3. If he has a cookie, I compare the value in my database.
  4. If everything's ok, I set up the session.

Now i'd like to have that process into a module so i don't have to paste that code into each routes of my site.

Let's say I've put all that code in a middleware route located at routes/middleware/check_auth.js.

How do I export this module so I can check in my route page if the user has auth or not, something like :

var check_auth = require('./middleware/check_auth');
module.exports = function(app){

    app.get('/', check_auth, function(req, res){
        if(variable_from_check_auth == true){

Btw, I'm not sure if it's the right way to do or if I simply have to :

  1. Call the module on each routes.
  2. Check for some sessions variables before rendering.

If someone could help me!

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You can just export your middleware as simple as this(assuming you are using express session handler and cookie parser):

var userModel = require('./user');
module.exports = function check_auth(res, req, next) {
    if (!res.session) {

    userModel.isAuthenticated(req.session.id, function (result) {
        if (!result) {

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Hi Farid, thank you for your answer. Yes I use session and cookieParser. Your answer is a bit complicated for me since I'm not using any usermodel. Also, I don't want to send 401 status. I updated my question which was not very well writed, maybe you could get me the right answer now. Ty –  Bobby Shark Apr 15 '14 at 21:05

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