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I have uploaded a set to soundcloud and would like to include a clickable tracklist in the description so that if you click on one link, you directly jump to a certain track within the set. You may know this from youtube where it's dead simple, you just type a time as in "54:02" and this automatically becomes a clickable link to the specified time in the video.

I'm trying to use start time hyperlinks in soundcloud. So this should become a clickable "TrackXY" in the descriptions of the set:

<a href=http://soundcloud.com/ckandhisfeierfriends/live-hansa-kulturclub-braunschweig-30122012#t=54:02>TrackXY</a>

If you just take the hyperlink, it takes you to the specified time. The problem ist however that it doesn't look as intended. Instead it prints "Ckandhisfeierfriends – Live-hansa-kulturclub-braunschweig-30122012" as a link name. Then again, this:

<a href=http://www.example.com>Example</a>  

works as intended.

Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Chris

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I've found a way around the problem: Shorten the links using bit.ly, then it works. But this can't be the best solution, can it? –  user3169677 Apr 15 '14 at 21:55

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