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According to docs, we may setup Max Unique Snapshots to discard old snapshots of an artifact at each new deploy.

And as written:

Redundant snapshots are not deleted immediately Every 5 minutes, Artifactory runs a background process that checks the value of Max Unique Snapshots and deletes the oldest snapshots beyond that number. For example, if you currently have 7 snapshots and set Max Unique Snapshots to 5 then next time the background process runs, it will delete the 2 oldest snapshots.

I have two questions:

  • Is that '5 minutes scheduler' configurable? It seems not working properly (tested in version 2.6.4).

  • What about any troubles with performance/slowing down server if I have an Artifactory with 3 years+ with around 250gb? Will that job work normally and as expected?

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possible duplicate of Artifactory not deleting Unique Snapshots – dnozay Apr 30 at 18:58

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The 5 minutes period is not configurable, but should just work. What didn't work for you? Regarding performance issues - we really recommend upgrading to Artifactory 3. It shows 10 to 100 times performance improvements over version 2.

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the problem is that I have N projects with 10+ snapshots each one. when I set 'max unique snapshots' to 2, when I do next artifact deploy, the folder is clean to 2 snapshots just for that project that was deployed, all others still with 10+ files – rodrigocprates Apr 16 '14 at 13:25

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