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My question is not new as is evident at this link: How to map a wildcard domain to a Windows Azure Website instance?

But now that Micosoft has implemented this feature in the last week according to: http://bit.ly/1qYPJ1R & http://bit.ly/1eMsXVc I think it is time to revisit the issue. Although this is now marked as a feature on Azure Websites I am having problems implementing dynamic/wildcard subdomains for a client.

My client purchased their domain on GoDaddy. The goal is to have all wildcard subdomains hit our hosted Azure Website and have the subdomain used to route the user to the appropriate page. I have been able to do this flawlessly with Azure Cloud Services, but I am running into trouble assigning wildcard domains to Websites for the same purpose, even though I have followed all the instructions that the Azure Management Portal provides.

Here is what I am doing:

  1. I set my Azure Website to Basic plan (Shared & Standard should work as well).

  2. I set up an A record for * to go to the Azure WebSite IP Address that is shown on the bottom of the "Manage custom domains" modal window. (see image below)

  3. I set a CNAME for awverify.*.mydomain.com to point to awverify.myazurewebsitedomain.azurewebsites.net as is instructed by the portal (see image below)

enter image description here

  1. I waited patiently for propagation and tested that all dynamic subdomains are hitting the Azure Websites IP by using http://digwebinterface.com/.

  2. I tested using random subdomains and verified that my A record is hitting the Azure provided IP address as it is going to a generic 404 page stating that the domain name has not been configured by the site owner: enter image description here

  3. But my website cannot verify *.mydomain.com as can be seen in the following screenshot. It reiterates the very instructions back to me that I have already implemented at GoDaddy:enter image description here

Is it GoDaddy? I'm not the biggest fan so I have no problems recomending that my client move off of them, but I'm trying to save us all the hassle, and besides - shouldn't this work? Also it's obvious that my random subdomains are hitting Azure, so it seems to me that there is an issue with the the verification process on Microsoft's side. I've tried several variations on the awverify subdomain and even tried creating a CNAME for the * instead of an A record and decided to go with Microsoft's clear instructions one more time before submitting this to Stack Overflow.

I feel as though I have exhausted all my options and am following the clear instructions given by the Azure portal, but it just does not work from end to end. Am I missing something? Is the only option to abandon Websites and move to Cloud Services? I really like the management features that Websites have to offer and Microsoft seems to be advancing their Website offerings at a much faster rate than any other cloud component, so I would prefer not to have to move over to Cloud Services because of this one small issue!

Thank you in advance!

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A post by Zhe Yang in the comments section on Scott Githrie's blog has answered this question. Here is the link to the post: http://bit.ly/1qYPJ1R (scroll down to comments section).

Essentially the issues we were having is due to the fact that we need to remove subdomains like xyz.domain.com from any other site before associating *.domain.com with a Website. Overlapping domain names can coexist but must be associated with the same site. According to Zhe, this same-site restriction will be relaxed in the future. When that is updated then as long as two sites are in the same Azure subscription - they can then assume overlapping domain names.

Also, make sure that the CNAME-based domain ownership test is passing for domain.com, not just arbitrary xyz.domain.com. That is, to associate .domain.com with mysite.azurewebsites.net, make sure there is a CNAME record for awverify.domain.com pointing to: awverify.mysite.azurewebsites.net. You'll also need your A record for "" pointing to the IP address for that site.

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@nir-mashkowski just put up a great blog post on this: blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsazure/archive/2014/04/23/… –  CodeAbundance Apr 24 at 18:28
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I'm having exactly the same issues, but using AWS Route 53 as the DNS provider.

The strange thing is, I have two websites (prod, staging) - the first one is working fine with DNS wildcards, so then I decided to implement wildcards on my production website, and I'm getting the same result as you.

When I set up the first one it did take an hour or so for me to be able to enter the wildcard entry into Azure, even though I had configured the DNS already. I'll get back to you with more info if I can figure it out as well.

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Apparently the instructions on the azure portal are inaccurate (have been for over a year or 2). This is causing a lot of wasted time and effort on the part of developers like us for something that should take 10 minutes. They are aware of this but for some reason are not trying to make the instructions accurate (or clear) anytime soon. Please check out this thread on the "closed" feature for wildcards that I think should be reopen until it is made clear and stable to use: feedback.azure.com/forums/169385-web-sites/suggestions/… –  CodeAbundance Apr 16 at 0:46
I just came across another post which might be related to the problem: stackoverflow.com/questions/21548803/awverify-not-propergating –  Shaw Innes Apr 16 at 1:11
Thanks Shaw, looks like his issue was due to Azure not allowing two website (even in different accounts) to use the same host names. I'm using a fresh domain, so this is not an issue for me. But god help it if someone with an unrelated account to yours has a hostname set (legacy or by accident) that matched yours. This could be catastrophic! I'm going to add a ticket to the feedback site about this so it can get resolved in the future! –  CodeAbundance Apr 16 at 1:53
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When CodeAbundance states 'remove subdomains like xyz.domain.com from any other site before associating *.domain.com with a Website' note that this includes staging sites.

i.e. if you have test.domain.com setup for your staging site then you need to remove this to be able to use wildcards domains on the main (non-staging) site.

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