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Chrome workspaces: let's say I map local css files to those served by my local http server. Everything works great and I can modify the files in-browser and upon page refresh my changes persist.

We happen to fingerprint our assets so that they are referenced via urls like styles.css?longuniquehash. Great practice - this way we can use aggressive caching and be sure the most recent assets will be used by the client.

However, this backfires a little with workspaces as the mappings get lost whenever the url is updated. In a nutshell: we map styles.css?123 to the local resource, we change it and on page refresh it comes back as styles.css?234 which has to be mapped again.

We're using cassette, but the problem can be reproduced on any setup with fingerprinting. Is there a setting or a workaround I'm missing?

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You can try playing around with html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/developertools/sourcemaps However, it is not supported by cassette - the issue is still in open state. Also might be worth looking into chrome extension api - e.g. rewriting urls before they are requested.. –  bushed Apr 27 at 16:51
@bushed: hmm, good point, I haven't thought of using sourcemaps for css in this scenario (less/sass maybe)! –  o.v. Apr 27 at 21:53

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