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sends the data present in the text box to password_ret page

Similarly, What command should I use for

protected void GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

to send the data to the next page. I am using

Response.Redirect("Feedback.aspx?Session_ID=" ??what should be used here??);

Session_ID is a field in my database

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Do you want the .NET Session ID?

It's available in the field:


If that's what you're after. If you want Session ID's to be passed in the URL instead of using cookies, you may enable it like so, in the web.config:

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I would suggest storing the session ID in a cookie

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To store session information you can use the Session object, a Cookie, ViewState, the QueryString or a Hidden Form variable. A quick search on StackOverflow or Google should help you decide which is the best option to suit your needs.

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to your GridView declaration.

Then in your code behind:

Response.Redirect("Feedback.aspx?Session_ID=" + GridView1.SelectedValue);
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