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I have to prove that Sub trees of nearly complete tree is also nearly complete this is very intuitive so I dont have any Idea how to show that


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Start by defining "nearly complete". –  Scott Hunter Apr 16 at 0:44
A tree is called an almost complete binary tree or nearly complete binary tree if the exception holds, i.e. the last level is not completely filled. –  ציפי הראל Apr 16 at 0:46
If you have to prove that ALL subtrees of a nearly-complete tree are nearly-complete, you're out of luck. –  Scott Hunter Apr 16 at 13:53

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As a hint, proceed by contrapositive. If there was a subtree that didn't have this property, could you show that the overall tree can't have this property? There are a few cases that you'd need to consider about how a subtree wouldn't be nearly complete, but they shouldn't be too tricky.

Hope this helps!

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