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I have been developing an unmanaged C++ DLL for graphics manipulation using Direct2D. I am trying to get the DLL running on Windows Azure. I am calling the DLL from a .net MVC website that I have uploaded to a free Azure mydomain.azurewebsites.net.

However when my DLL containing Direct2D runs it is generating an HRESULT error code.

HRESULT result = pID2D1Factory->CreateWicBitmapRenderTarget(pBitmap, &renderTargetProperties, &pRenderTarget);

When the CreateWicBitmapRenderTarget function is called the HRESULT returned is 0x8899000b (“There is no hardware rendering device available for this operation”)

I guess this means it's the end of the road for trying to get my code running on a free Azure mydomain.azurewebsites.net but can anybody give a link to a concrete statement of what the graphics processing limitations of mydomain.azurewebsites.net are?

Also isn't Direct2D supposed to have software rendering fall back for when hardware is not available? In the MSDN docs is says that this fall back is mainly for graphics processing on servers without hardware. So why is this fall back software rendering not working on Azure?

Finally, will upgrading my subscription to a shared, basic or standard website plan give access to graphics hardware? Or will it be necessary to upgrade to a virtual server before graphics hardware becomes accessible?

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