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I have a cell :

data  = 1 x 95

which every cell contains

160 x 160 double

I want to find the minimum value of every data(row,column) in 160 x 160 matrix between 95 cells so the answer is :

data = 1 x 1
min(160 x 160) double

Also, I want to save the index, which matrix that gives the min value for that data(row,column), the answer is like this :

index = 160x160 

Is there any help? Thankyou.

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Concatenate the cell elements to form an ND array.

concatenated_data = cat(3, data{:});
[min_values, min_index] = min(concatenated_data, [], 3);
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It works well. Thankyou! :) –  sintyar Apr 16 '14 at 1:13

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