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My problem is the following one... I start the wizard to make an Android Project and fill the details and when I have to press Finish (in the panel where I can enter the name of my activity, the layout name and the navigation type, etc.) the project is created but the panel doesn't dissapear... So I press cancel but the project is created like I said... When I open the project nodes I notice every time that there aren't any Java Generated Files (R.java or BuildConfig.java) also I see that the project, without asking me, has the android support libraries which I didn't add (I enter the MinSDK to Android 3.0; If I have put let say Android 2.1, Eclipse would have added them for me). I also get generated some trash code and can't compile... I would like to build an app with an ActionBar but let start with the basic thing... Trying to compile the project... Thankx in advance... I'll be watching...

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