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I have managed to configured for the LDAP authentication and it is working properly. And then when it comes to LDAP enrollment, I have encountered a problem.

Currently, I am testing with 2 courses, defined in LDAP. (Both of them do not exist on moodle at the very beginning.) I have managed to configured for the LDAP enrollment, and the 2 courses were created automatically after executing the synchronizing cron script. And the teaching role and student role were also synchronized successfully for course2.

Here is the schema for course2:

LDAP schema for course2

But then, when it comes to course1, an error occurred:

== Synching course 'course1' for role 'student'

Could not find user '{$a}', skipping

It should be because I was specifying the DN of a LDAP group (cn=026, ou=ou, ou=groups, dc=test) for uniqueMember, instead of giving the DN of individual users (e.g. as in course2: uid=7001, ou=users, dc=test), and it seemed like it could not recognize the difference and fail to search cn=026 for the users.

Schema for course1:

LDAP schema for course1

Schema for cn=026 group:

enter image description here

So, could anyone please tell me what could be the problems and how I should set up properly for this?

Thank you very much. I hope I have made myself clear enough.

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dn: cn=851,ou=moodle,ou=groups,dc=ldapserver,dc=tmcc,dc=edu objectClass: moodleCourse
cn: 851
givenName: LV851
sn: 2007S/Introduction to Moodle
description: Jahr: 2007 Sommer,
Announcement teacherUid: userA memberUid: user1

URL: http://moodle.mantrasoftindia.com
Website: http://www.mantrasoftindia.com

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