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When I running a web worker in firefox, Worker script :

self.addEventListener('message', function(e){
    var sBufferData = source buffer of imageData( Uint8ClampedArray )
    var resultBuffer = result buffer of operation( Uint8Array )
    for(...) //double for loop operate
       for(...) //get resultBuffer array


    resultBuffer = sBufferData = undefined;

    self.close(); //web-worker close itself
}, false);

Main script:

var imageWorker = new Worker("imageWorker.js");
imageWorker.postMessage(source buffer of imageData);
imageWorker.onmessage = function(e) {
    imageWorker.terminate(); //web-worker terminate in main thread
    e.data = imageWorker = undefined;

My image is a 3246*2448 picture, when I using the web worker will have a memory leak issue in FireFox.

It took average 200MB each time to process one image. After that, FireFox will keep the 200MB memory occupation.

Therefore it takes 200MB to every processing until out of memory.

Only Firefox has the problem. Why it don't release memory? I don't get it. Any idea?

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GC problems with long-running Web Workers –  xenophon566 Apr 23 at 9:48
Fix in firefox version 29. –  xenophon566 May 6 at 0:58

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