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I'm testing Tie::LevelDB with a randomly created database,

tie my %hash, 'Tie::LevelDB', "/run/shm/testdb";
for ( 1 .. 10000 )
    my $key = '/123/' x 55 . $_;
    my $val = { 
        ctime => 123,
        mtime => 123

    $hash{$key} = freeze ($val);

say $_ for keys %hash;

When the script is finished I checked the disk space of /run/shm/testdb, which is 3.3 MB in total.

Then I commented out the for ( 1 .. 10000 ) loop, only did the say part, and I checked the testdb folder again, it only takes 156 KB now!

Weird, right? Can anyone please explain that to me? I'm not suffering a data loss.

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Not sure if this is the cause of the behavior you're seeing, but apparently LevelDB does a lot of shuffling of data between files and data compaction. See Leveldb file layout and compactions for details. –  ThisSuitIsBlackNot Apr 16 at 14:48

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