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I met a very very strange issue when using gawk in bash script.

in this script, i use a function to do some text processing. Even a very simple gawk command will return error 134


   log "Before gawk: $?"
   gawk '{print}' file
   log "After gawk: $?"

if i manually run this script in console, it will work perfectly, $? will always be 0 which means success, but if i use this script as linux startup script in etc/rc.d/ for level 3, after gawk is executed, the $? is always 134, i don't know what's the meaning of 134.

if i replace "gawk '{print}' file" to "gawk --version", the result is ok, $? is 0.

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This would imply that the previous command did not execute successfully. –  devnull Apr 16 at 4:01
No, if i replace "gawk '{print}' file" to "gawk --version", the result is ok, $? is 0 –  mailzyok Apr 16 at 4:05
What is the content of file? –  chepner Apr 16 at 4:27
the content of file is like below: abc,1,2[new line] def,3,4 –  mailzyok Apr 16 at 4:39

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Exit code 134 means your program was aborted (received SIGABRT), perhaps as a result of a failed assertion.

You may need give the full path of command log and full path of file

Here is sigal list by command kill

kill -l

 1) SIGHUP       2) SIGINT       3) SIGQUIT      4) SIGILL
 5) SIGTRAP      6) SIGABRT      7) SIGEMT       8) SIGFPE
 9) SIGKILL     10) SIGBUS      11) SIGSEGV     12) SIGSYS
13) SIGPIPE     14) SIGALRM     15) SIGTERM     16) SIGUSR1
17) SIGUSR2     18) SIGCHLD     19) SIGPWR      20) SIGWINCH
21) SIGURG      22) SIGIO       23) SIGSTOP     24) SIGTSTP
25) SIGCONT     26) SIGTTIN     27) SIGTTOU     28) SIGVTALRM
29) SIGPROF     30) SIGXCPU     31) SIGXFSZ     32) SIGWAITING
37) SIGLOST     38) SIGXRES     41) SIGRTMIN    42) SIGRTMIN+1

And @hobbs has explained how to map the signal number with exit code.

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For those curious, the status code is 128 plus the signal that was caught. 134 - 128 = 6. Signal 6 is SIGABRT. –  hobbs Apr 16 at 4:05
if i replace "gawk '{print}' file" to "gawk --version", the result is ok, $? is 0, i don't know why it was aborted. –  mailzyok Apr 16 at 4:07
@mailzyok, I have asked to check You may need give the full path of command log and full path of file –  BMW Apr 16 at 4:26
Thanks. In the real script, this file path is like "/private/data/data.txt". I don't know why you need the path of command log, it is an internal function, there should be no problem. –  mailzyok Apr 16 at 4:43
i tried gawk 'BEGIN {print "abc"}' which don't require a file, it didn't work either, still 134 was returned, only i tried gawk --version, 0 is returned –  mailzyok Apr 16 at 4:54

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