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My association to models as follows

People model

belongs_to :category
has_one :account, :through => :category

category model

belongs_to :account
has_many :bookings

account model

has_many :categories

Level model

accepts_nested_attributes :peoples

I wrote


in Level controller.

Here when I update the level model then it also updates the updated_at flag in account_model. I want to avoid the update happen in account model i.e, avoid setting up updated_at flag in account model. how can I avoid this?

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A minor quibble, but it's easier on the eyes to name your class "Person". That way the pluralized version ("people") makes sense, whereas "people".pluralize == "peoples", which is just wrong. – zetetic Feb 22 '10 at 22:26
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I used to do something like this:

Account.record_timestamps = false
Account.record_timestamps = true

You can make it look prettier by creating a wrapper method which will receive a block to execute without timestamps.

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